Welcome to Writer's Page. I write a lot and this is for any fans of mine to know what's going on. I'll write personal preferences and maybe a general idea of what I'm writing about. Those of you that I met from the NextGen Writer's confrence welcome. Those who were just looking for a new blog to read, welcome.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blog writing

Instead of writing about fiction today let's talk about how to write in your blog. In my mind make sure that you have correct grammar, there's nothing worse than reading something with terrible grammar.

Make your blog interesting to your tastes. What I mean by this is make me want to read about your time in China (making something up.) Make me interested by once and a while adding in pictures. (I'm sure that you guys wouldn't want to see pictures of my cats on a writing blog.)

Try and get an interesting background. Right now I have the fun colors that don't fit my personality but I didn't know what else to add but it stimulates the senses so why not keep it for the time being.

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Sorry about not writing in here for a while. Well I've sort of parted from my original project, I'm too busy here lately, also I've been wanting to do some short stories.
Enough with excuses though, I like to write and my goodness I'm going to write. Just not what I think.
What are somethings that you're struggling with? Are you struggling with keeping focused, burnt out of writing or are you not struggling at all.

See y'all

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Adding Inspiration

   Yesterday we talked about where to find inspiration, today I want to talk about how to add a little inspiration into your writing world.
  •   Add a painting
            This could be your muse when your in a rough spot. You look into a painting and suddenly an inspiring idea comes to mind.
  • Listen to music
   If you've based your story on a song (or even if you didn't) listen to a song and just think of what the words are trying to say to you. Are they saying listen to your heart, go beat up your ex? Anything and any song will do as long as you don't get to distracted

  • Create your own writing space
This can be very important when writing. Things happen at home and you need peace and quiet. If you're lucky and have a laptop then you can go outside and have peace and quiet outside while the commotion is going on inside. If you have woods around your house go to them and with a notebook and pen or laptop start writing your heart's content until you are satisfied. It doesn't have to be outside. You can have a spare closet, anything.
  • Look to real life problems

Let's say your best friend is going out to a party and you dont' want to go. Add that in maybe your MC has some problems with drinking and she's trying to stop, make 'em resist the temptation of going to that party.
  • Get organized
You won't believe how much you actually get done if you have organization added to your writing. If that's not you though then don't get to upset take baby steps.

   I think I have rambled on long enough. Have fun adding your inspiration.
        Thanks for reading

Monday, September 19, 2011


   Inspiration comes from anywhere. It really does. Look around, do you see something that would inspire a character to travel into space? Here's popular places to look for inspiration:
  • Dreams
  • Song Lyrics
  • Videos (Please don't Copyright)
  • Grandpa's stories about when he was a boy
   It like I said it can come from ANYWHERE Look around, see what you can see, find something that wants to be found. I got my inspiration from a garage sale and now I'm happy about what I'm trying to produce. (I do say trying because I'm still getting through a really slow part that just won't end) LOL

   Thanks for reading, go get inspired

Sunday, September 18, 2011


   Editing, the thing that taunts me the most. I have this thing where I like to 'Edit as I Go' I'll write something one day and then the next you see me rewriting it. I can say though that my drafts are still a diamond in the rough. How do you go about editing?
   First off edit the basics: grammar, spelling, capitalization, etc... (although if you have a word processor you probably have spell check.) Keep it simple and go on from there. Next you probably want to go about rearranging things that aren't making much sense. Then read through it. We all have a biased opinion on our writing so send it to an editing group or if you're lucky have an author look it over.
   Things get interesting in editing and even though I'm still in rough draft my preference is 'editting as I go.' It's something that is natural to me.
   Just remember that your manuscript isn't going to be perfect but you want to try to get it close to perfect as possible.
    Thanks for reading

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Keeping a Writing Journal

   I don't realy keep a writing journal but I think it's a good idea to know how to keep one.
   It's really easy if you ask me. You can keep anything you want in there, whether it's for your diary to keeping your character's thoughts throughout the story. You always need to know more than you tell or show your reader because then if you would like to add something here and there then you can without having to go through with scratch writing.
   Keeping your character's interviews is important. Say you have a villan on the outside, but you have an interveiw with him (in your head but if you would really like to have an actual conversation go on ahead) and you find out that you want to make him nice and kind on the inside. Then oh no, you're halfway through your story when you forget about making him nice. Now if you forget that important piece of information that may be the twisting tale to you story then your S-O-L. Really though if you would've taken your time to keep a journal for crying out loud maybe this wouldn't of happen.
   To keep one it's simple, simply keep your's or your character's thought in there so that if you feel you have a good enough idea you can follow through with it.

    Thanks for reading

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Writing

   Hello all, I have a little section of my writing that I would like to share with y'all today.

   Noah looked at me funny. Not funny ha, ha, but funny as in a look I've never seen anyone give me. He leaned forward, put his hands behind my head and pulled me in. I didn't resist and I let a kiss take over me. His lips like silk, his hands strong, yet gentle, his breath—even though they didn't know what brushing teeth was— tasted sweet. His tender touch reassured me of anything that could've happened today, didn't. He was still here by my side, he was still hear with me.

   What do you think. I asked my friend and she liked it but as usual I would like to ask other people. Leave your thoughts in the comments and I'll get back to you later.
     Thanks for reading,

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Writing scenes at a time

   Hey, how are you guys doing?
   Today I'm going to talk about writing different scenes of a book/story along with the main one you're writing about.
   I'm writing about Jessica and she's a teenager that goes through a medicine cabinet to a magic world. Well when I get bored with the main project I go on to write about other things. I'll write about the first time she's met this man that somehow she's met before. I'll write about the day she goes to the fortune teller to get her career read, and so on.
   I've learned to keep pretty good organization when it comes to my writing. Thanks to a subject in school I've learned how to keep my precious writing in one nice and neat little folder. (I feel stupid telling you that I didn't know how to make a new folder until a little while ago. But I've found it to be very useful.)
   Thinking about it I think I like to write the different scenes out more than I do the main storyline. Do you know how Stephenie Meyer (Twilight Saga) got her idea for Twilight? She had a dream about a boy and a girl talking in the meadow (Chapter 13) she wrote from there on and then once she finished she returned back and did the beginning. Here's the link for you to find more about it.
  Anyway I feel like it's a really freeing idea to write about something that is maybe more interesting than your main writing.

     Thanks for reading,

If you want to read more about Stephenie Meyer coming up with Twilight here's the link-

Monday, August 8, 2011

Reference Site's anyone?

   Hello all you writer's page fanatics. Now I might start doing some things to help writing. I don't know if you would want to take it from me since I'm not a published author and I have no idea what a synopsis nor do I have a clue about how to write a query letter. All I need is to give you a few references. That doesn't make me the most reliable source but at least you'll know that I'm going to other authors for advice and that I follow them for tips about writing.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Music While Writing

   Like many people I like to listen to music. I don't know if you're the same way but I like to listen to it while writing. I started out listening to things on YouTube.com and playlist.com mostly things that you would listen to in the car, the songs you sing in the shower. Well that worked until I started singing along and didn't get any writing done.
   Now I've found classical music very soothing and helps with my acute writer's block. I'll say that most of you have heard of Beethoven, am I right? I know of him and Mozart, they are the ones that we learned the most about in school. Well there's so many different composers that didn't get in the spot light as much as they did. So I'll go and give you a place where you can find some of my composers on my playlist, ok.

   This link is to my Writing music. It has a few others that I can't name off the top of my head. I've found that I like the classical music and that I hope to get more one there.
   (Warning the first two may not play I have made a complaint about it to the playlist people but other than that it should be fine.)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Short Stories

   Hello. Well this week has surely been weird in my blogging world. I've never really blogged before and I actually want to keep it up.

   Short stories are well. Short. I like most of the ones we read in class, they are well writen and some are by crazy people (it's sort of biased by me.) Ok so Edgar Allen Poe's the Tell Tale heart is a very creepy story, but I like it. It's the one that I know and I will probably remember because it creeped me out so.
   I would like to try to write a short story. During the NextGen confrence I learned that sometimes before you write a novel it's good to write a short story. This is because the publisher that is interested in publishing your novel has already seen that someone has taken a chance with you. They see that someone was interested and they aren't taking that big dive into the unknown.
   I don't yet have an idea for a short story but I hope to get one soon and get it published in a magazine so I can make a confident dive into novel world as well.

    Thanks for reading

Friday, August 5, 2011


  Yes I love to write poetry. Though I had a paper with my favorite on it sadly I lost it. But that isn't why I want to talk about poetry. You know how I felt before I took up something like poetry. I felt down, depressed and feeling sad a lot.
  I think that anyone can find that poetry does a lot of help. I can get inspired just by listening to the popular girls at school talking about boys and how much they loved their ex's. Maybe I can get inspired by listening to my mom talk about how much the cat is a 'pain in her butt.' Poetry is a sense of calm when your finished. It's a calm that can help with whatever your writing.
  My favorite type of poetry is free style. No rules to follow. I like haikus and have a lot of fun trying to follow the rules with them. I don't have a favorite poem or a favorite author but I have to say that Walt Whitman is the only on besides Emily Dickinson. If you would like to learn more about my poetry send me a comment and I'll have something up along the lines of what I write.

    Thanks for reading,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Writing all my life.

  I used to write shorts when I was a kid. I wrote about Japan princesses, Irish princesses. All of these stories had something in common. The princess fell in love with a commoner. Both of the ones I remember but both have been lost. Our computer crashed and so the stories were lost.
  Now I'm more into the dream of writing a big story. Something huge, a novel. I've had a lot of good ideas it's just that I've never made them into reality. One was with a werewolf that had a lame leg. One was that a guy was immortal and wanted to join the marines while his girlfriend was clueless. Now I have a few that are under way I've been still tweaking them while writing. (Thanks to NextGen I have a fresh view of writing.)
  Thank you for reading

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

NextGen Confrence

For those of you who found this blog from the NextGen Confrence Welcome. And it's nice to hear from you.