Welcome to Writer's Page. I write a lot and this is for any fans of mine to know what's going on. I'll write personal preferences and maybe a general idea of what I'm writing about. Those of you that I met from the NextGen Writer's confrence welcome. Those who were just looking for a new blog to read, welcome.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blog writing

Instead of writing about fiction today let's talk about how to write in your blog. In my mind make sure that you have correct grammar, there's nothing worse than reading something with terrible grammar.

Make your blog interesting to your tastes. What I mean by this is make me want to read about your time in China (making something up.) Make me interested by once and a while adding in pictures. (I'm sure that you guys wouldn't want to see pictures of my cats on a writing blog.)

Try and get an interesting background. Right now I have the fun colors that don't fit my personality but I didn't know what else to add but it stimulates the senses so why not keep it for the time being.

Thanks for reading