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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Adding Inspiration

   Yesterday we talked about where to find inspiration, today I want to talk about how to add a little inspiration into your writing world.
  •   Add a painting
            This could be your muse when your in a rough spot. You look into a painting and suddenly an inspiring idea comes to mind.
  • Listen to music
   If you've based your story on a song (or even if you didn't) listen to a song and just think of what the words are trying to say to you. Are they saying listen to your heart, go beat up your ex? Anything and any song will do as long as you don't get to distracted

  • Create your own writing space
This can be very important when writing. Things happen at home and you need peace and quiet. If you're lucky and have a laptop then you can go outside and have peace and quiet outside while the commotion is going on inside. If you have woods around your house go to them and with a notebook and pen or laptop start writing your heart's content until you are satisfied. It doesn't have to be outside. You can have a spare closet, anything.
  • Look to real life problems

Let's say your best friend is going out to a party and you dont' want to go. Add that in maybe your MC has some problems with drinking and she's trying to stop, make 'em resist the temptation of going to that party.
  • Get organized
You won't believe how much you actually get done if you have organization added to your writing. If that's not you though then don't get to upset take baby steps.

   I think I have rambled on long enough. Have fun adding your inspiration.
        Thanks for reading

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