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Sunday, September 18, 2011


   Editing, the thing that taunts me the most. I have this thing where I like to 'Edit as I Go' I'll write something one day and then the next you see me rewriting it. I can say though that my drafts are still a diamond in the rough. How do you go about editing?
   First off edit the basics: grammar, spelling, capitalization, etc... (although if you have a word processor you probably have spell check.) Keep it simple and go on from there. Next you probably want to go about rearranging things that aren't making much sense. Then read through it. We all have a biased opinion on our writing so send it to an editing group or if you're lucky have an author look it over.
   Things get interesting in editing and even though I'm still in rough draft my preference is 'editting as I go.' It's something that is natural to me.
   Just remember that your manuscript isn't going to be perfect but you want to try to get it close to perfect as possible.
    Thanks for reading

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