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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Short Stories

   Hello. Well this week has surely been weird in my blogging world. I've never really blogged before and I actually want to keep it up.

   Short stories are well. Short. I like most of the ones we read in class, they are well writen and some are by crazy people (it's sort of biased by me.) Ok so Edgar Allen Poe's the Tell Tale heart is a very creepy story, but I like it. It's the one that I know and I will probably remember because it creeped me out so.
   I would like to try to write a short story. During the NextGen confrence I learned that sometimes before you write a novel it's good to write a short story. This is because the publisher that is interested in publishing your novel has already seen that someone has taken a chance with you. They see that someone was interested and they aren't taking that big dive into the unknown.
   I don't yet have an idea for a short story but I hope to get one soon and get it published in a magazine so I can make a confident dive into novel world as well.

    Thanks for reading

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