Welcome to Writer's Page. I write a lot and this is for any fans of mine to know what's going on. I'll write personal preferences and maybe a general idea of what I'm writing about. Those of you that I met from the NextGen Writer's confrence welcome. Those who were just looking for a new blog to read, welcome.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Writing all my life.

  I used to write shorts when I was a kid. I wrote about Japan princesses, Irish princesses. All of these stories had something in common. The princess fell in love with a commoner. Both of the ones I remember but both have been lost. Our computer crashed and so the stories were lost.
  Now I'm more into the dream of writing a big story. Something huge, a novel. I've had a lot of good ideas it's just that I've never made them into reality. One was with a werewolf that had a lame leg. One was that a guy was immortal and wanted to join the marines while his girlfriend was clueless. Now I have a few that are under way I've been still tweaking them while writing. (Thanks to NextGen I have a fresh view of writing.)
  Thank you for reading

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