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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Writing scenes at a time

   Hey, how are you guys doing?
   Today I'm going to talk about writing different scenes of a book/story along with the main one you're writing about.
   I'm writing about Jessica and she's a teenager that goes through a medicine cabinet to a magic world. Well when I get bored with the main project I go on to write about other things. I'll write about the first time she's met this man that somehow she's met before. I'll write about the day she goes to the fortune teller to get her career read, and so on.
   I've learned to keep pretty good organization when it comes to my writing. Thanks to a subject in school I've learned how to keep my precious writing in one nice and neat little folder. (I feel stupid telling you that I didn't know how to make a new folder until a little while ago. But I've found it to be very useful.)
   Thinking about it I think I like to write the different scenes out more than I do the main storyline. Do you know how Stephenie Meyer (Twilight Saga) got her idea for Twilight? She had a dream about a boy and a girl talking in the meadow (Chapter 13) she wrote from there on and then once she finished she returned back and did the beginning. Here's the link for you to find more about it.
  Anyway I feel like it's a really freeing idea to write about something that is maybe more interesting than your main writing.

     Thanks for reading,

If you want to read more about Stephenie Meyer coming up with Twilight here's the link-

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